Media Press Kit for Delta Airlines, which includes an annual report, a company and passenger look book, and 2 sets of campaigns, all carried within a mini suitcase package. 



The Addy award-winning,  annual report was designed to aid visual learners through informational graphics and make data easier and faster to understand. I created the info graphics with the data provided.

The company look book highlights Delta's lifespan through the decades, as well as their core values.

The passenger look book is targeted towards 1st class customers, who will experience a positive reinforcement on what they should expect on their flight.

A selective demand stimulation campaign was designed and targeted towards women from the ages of 25-35. The ads promote flight designations around the world and would be seen a magazine line Cosmo, Glamour, or Elle.

A corporate advertisement campaign as also created. It stays true to Delta's branding but highlights their contribution to with Habitat For Humanity, a company who is involved in building homes for the less fortunate. This campaign was created in order to embed a human element into the company and showcase their corporate responsibility to the community. The campaign includes, a magazine ad, a pop up brochure, and environmental graphics for delta terminals. All photographs, and logos, data, were provided.